Coat with sash

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Color: panna
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Explore the timeless elegance of fall and winter with the Jucca Coat, an icon of refined style. Made of 100 percent high-quality wool, this coat offers snug comfort and timeless elegance for the modern woman during the cold season.
The cream coloring offers classic elegance, while the design with a waist closure through a sash emphasizes the feminine silhouette in a refined way. The V-neckline lends a touch of grace and sophistication to the garment.
The pure wool composition ensures warmth and softness, making this coat an essential addition to the winter wardrobe. The banded waist closure adds a distinctive style element, completing an elegant and practical look.
The Jucca Coat embodies the essence of fall and winter fashion, offering refined and timeless style. Add this distinctive garment to your wardrobe for timeless elegance, offering warmth and style during the cold season."
This description highlights the classic elegance, high-quality wool composition, and details such as the banded waist closure, emphasizing the sophistication and practicality of this Jucca coat for fall and winter.
Composition: 100% wool

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