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Jacket with waist belt


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Color: nero
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Explore the exclusive elegance of fall-winter with the Antik Batik Jacket, a symbol of distinctive style and sophistication. Masterfully crafted with gold embroidered details, the jacket's black coloring offers a touch of mystery and sophistication, perfectly balanced by the golden enchantment of the details.
Made from a fine blend of high-quality polyester and wool, this jacket combines comfort and style. The belted waist closure emphasizes the wrap-around elegance, highlighting the feminine silhouette in an elegant and practical way.
The Antik Batik jacket is an ode to timeless elegance, where the golden embroidery detail creates an aura of luxury and sophistication, perfectly in harmony with the practicality of the belted closure. Perfect for fall and winter, this jacket embodies sophisticated style and functionality for the modern woman.
The timeless elegance of the Antik Batik Jacket combines with the brand's distinctive quality craftsmanship, offering a garment that stands out for its understated luxury and effortless sophistication."
This description highlights the refined elegance and harmonious details, such as the gold embroidery and belted closure, that characterize the Antik Batik Jacket, making it an exclusive and charming garment for fall and winter.
Composition: 50% polyester 50% wool

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