Cashmere hooded sweatshirt

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Enhance your style with the Daniele Fiesoli Cashmere Sweatshirt, a garment of elegance and comfort for fall and winter. The ash color lends a touch of sophistication, while the 100% cashmere fabric wraps your body with softness and warmth. This sweatshirt, perfectly in line with the latest trends, is designed to ensure a contemporary look without compromising on quality.
Long sleeves and cuffs finish the design, giving it a touch of sophistication. Every detail of the Cashmere Sweatshirt reflects the Italian craftsmanship of Daniele Fiesoli, a brand that has won the hearts of fashion lovers since 2000. The founder's goal of creating perfect garments that combine design, quality and price is embodied in every stitch of this sweatshirt.
The philosophy "Absolutely Made in Italy" is more than a claim, it is a guarantee that every step of the production process takes place in the heart of Tuscany, in an industrial district for knitwear. Wearing the Daniele Fiesoli Cashmere Sweatshirt means wearing the excellence of Italian fashion. Join the admirers of this brand, recognized as the most innovative in the Italian knitwear fashion scene.
Choose the comfort and timeless style of Daniele Fiesoli, and add a touch of luxury to your winter wardrobe with this sweatshirt that will make you feel unique in every occasion.
Composition: 100% cashmere

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